The initiative for Trade in Sports was taken in 2010 with the aim of developing a whole new investment service in the sport industry. Despite a growing and growing interest in sports in all forms, many people in the sports industry have difficulty developing their businesses because they lack ways to absorb external capital. This concerns sports clubs, but also individual in eg. tennis and golf.

Crowdfounding for intelligent growth creating Successful companies together withpassionate people.

Tessin is a service for those who want to place your capital directly in real estate, without complicated fee structures and intermediaries. In Tessin, investors, together with others, invest in different types of real estate projects and at the same time get a good return on your capital.

Pepins allows everyone to invest in the fastest  growing part of  the economy – exciting growth companies. Here you have the chance to discover and become a partner in companies you belive in.  Together, we help companies grow, creat jobs and make a difference.