Frequently Asked Questions

WE ARE YOU, Sports and beyond is breaking new ground and we want
everybody to understand what we are doing.
So here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

What are your company doing?

We are a exclusive social network which connects athletes, companies and
We help athletes with their personal brand.
We help athletes with their personal journey. All because we belive in
helping each other becoming the best that we can be.
We are creating opportunities for everyone. But always with the
individual in focus.

Whats your business model?

Our mission is pretty simple. We want to connect sports, business and
society in a new way.
It´s free of charge for all athletes. Our income comes from the
companies that wants to be seen with the athletes and who wants to
connect with this exclusive group of people.

Whats the price for athletes to join this network?

It´s free of charge for all athletes. We help the athletes to understand
how to work with their own site and what they can do to start

What is this network for my company?

By joining us you reach an exclusive group of people. From here you can
find collaborations, recruit uniqe individuals, find a new way of
marketing and connect with a very coveted and exclusive group of people.
And it´s never been easier.

What is this for sports clubs?

This is a new way of marketing for your sports club. Together with the
athletes you can reach out with your message in a more uniqe and
credible way.
Use what you already have and make the best out of it. Your marketing
will get more personal and your credibility will increase